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About Tom

Performing at Jokersters Comedy Club



Tom made his life about adventure, exploration and being a free spirit.  He believes in setting goals and reaching them, making dreams come true!  “I’ve had my teeth pulled out for this and there’s almost nothing I won’t do to make things happen, because I’m dedicated!”


When he’s not on stage, Harrington LOVES riding his Harley Davidson fast at night, with the Rock N Roll music trailing out behind him.  “It’s the same feeling as a night jump out of a C-130 aircraft and a killer set on stage.”


Tom’s interests are: Freedom, comedy, taking care of business, motorcycle riding, tattooed women, photography, figuring out the meaning of life and how things work.  He also has an Applied Science degree in Gunsmithing.


Harrington had worked as a Newspaper boy, Paratrooper, Portrait Photographer, Sales, Telemarketer, Gunsmith, Construction, Laborer, Collections Agent, and Tow Truck Operator.  He’s been selff employed and even became a teacher's aide helping others in prison giving classes to large groups. 


His self-depreciating humor, irreverent and thoughtful attitude, dedication to following through, adult language and infectious laugh has helped him to overcome the worst marriage and divorce ever, being a disabled veteran and homelessness.


Tom can be seen performing all around Las Vegas including Jokesters Comedy Club inside the D Casino, Planet Hollywood, Treasure Island and numerous off strip shows.